Meet the Doctors

Doctors Mike and Karen both graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College in 1991.  They have owned Strawbridge Family Chiropractic since 1992.  Previous to being a chiropractor, Dr. Karen was a pediatric nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.  After a few years of taking care of sick babies, she wanted a change to a wellness approach to health so she became a chiropractor and never looked back.  Now she can still take care of the babies she loves but also get them well and keep them well as well as their families!  Dr. Karen is certified in the Webster Breech technique and is a fellow of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. 

Dr. Mike first ended up in a chiropractor's office as a patient after a hockey injury.  Amazed when the chiropractic care not only corrected the pinched nerve in his neck but also cured his lifelong allergies and sinus problems, he wanted to learn more and Chiropractic soon became his calling.  Dr. Mike enjoys taking care of the wide range of patients and conditions in their family practice.  He also loves to teach that health comes from within and how to maximize your healing and health potential by combining chiropractic care with a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Doctors Mike and Karen use a variety of adjusting techniques from the traditional hands on Palmer method to low force approaches using the Arthrostim adjusting instrument as well as state of the art energetic healing devices such as the Tennant Biomodulator.  

 Together, Doctors Karen and Mike have made it their mission to help as many people as they can, from those scared and in pain to elite athletes, from expecting moms and children to mature folks and anyone who wants to optimize their God-given health potential.